Serving with Van City

In a healthy family, everyone pitches in. It takes dozens of volunteers every week to host the Sunday gathering. From making coffee and preparing communion to playing in the band and teaching kid’s classes, we need men and women willing to demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving the church.

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Our Staff

  • Photo of Josh Porter

    Josh Porter


    Pastor of Teaching & Creative Vision

  • Photo of Cameron Silsbee

    Cameron Silsbee

    Pastor of Communities & People

  • Photo of Patrick Porter

    Patrick Porter

    Pastor of Operations

  • Photo of Levi Warren

    Levi Warren

    Pastor of Worship

  • Photo of Taylor Long

    Taylor Long

    Director of Kids

  • Photo of Lexi Lauser

    Lexi Lauser

    Deacon of Youth

  • Photo of Katie VanDomelen

    Katie VanDomelen

    Deacon of Hospitality

  • Photo of Keana Zoradi

    Keana Zoradi

    Deacon of Women

  • Photo of Scott Bargaehr

    Scott Bargaehr

    Overseer, Non-Staff

  • Photo of Jan Lampe

    Jan Lampe

    Overseer, Non-Staff

  • Photo of Tiffany Erickson

    Tiffany Erickson

    Overseer, Non-Staff