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Van City Kids and Vineyard Kids VBS

This summer, Van City Kids and Vineyard Kids are partnering to bring our kids a vacation bible school! We will meet June 29-July 1 at Vineyard Church from 9 AM to 12 PM and we will offer three classes: Pre-K (3-5), Kindergarten to 2nd Grade (5-7), and 3rd to 5th grade (7-10). We will be using Orange VBS: Make Waves. We can only make this happen with the help of volunteers and parents. There are lots of different ways you can serve and be a part of giving this experience to our kids! Even if you aren’t available the days/times of VBS we can still use your help. Each day we will provide childcare for parents serving that have kids 2 and under.

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(Registration for kids will open soon.)

Serve with Van City Kids

We ask that both parents, if they call Van City home, register to serve before bringing their kids so that we can maintain an adequate number of volunteers for keeping our kids safe. (Guests and new visitors are welcome to bring their kids.)

Our kids’ ability to have church is contingent on the church pitching in. In the event that volunteers fail to show up or leave the rotation, Van City Kids will be canceled until an adequate number of volunteers pitches in.

Dates: Every Sunday
Time: 5 p.m. (during the gathering)
Location: Vancouver Vineyard Church

Register to Serve with Van City Kids

We keep Van City Kids organized and running smoothly by using an online registration tool called KidCheck during drop-off and pick-up. Registration on KidCheck is safe, secure, and free and it only takes a few minutes.

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