Come to the Sunday Gathering We gather together as a family every Sunday evening at 5 p.m. to be with God and one another. We take communion, eat and drink, worship, pray, and study the Scriptures.

Join a Van City Community We meet during the week in homes and around dinner tables to share life and accountability, and to learn what it means to put the teachings of Jesus into practice together.

Serve In a healthy family, everyone pitches in. It takes dozens of volunteers every week to host the Sunday gathering. From making coffee and preparing communion to playing in the band and teaching kid’s classes, we need men and women willing to demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving the church.

Give We practice the spiritual discipline of generosity by giving finances to the church and to the cause of justice in our city and around the world.

Want to Know More? Register for Basics

Basics is a two-part course designed to teach people about Van City church and what it looks like to be a part of a Van City Community.

Part one consists of a Sunday hybrid session, with the option to participate via Zoom or in-person. Part two consists of two weekday evening Community Training sessions (part two is dependent on adequate Basics participation).

In-person participation will follow state and local health department guidelines for group gatherings.