We have the incredible privilege of having seemingly unending art options to appreciate via the internet, computers, and phones. Often, art is mediated through a screen for us to experience. While access to art is a positive thing, there is something to be said about experiencing art not mediated through a screen (except for art intended to be mediated through a screen, such as film).

The following are optional weekly Practices to help engage with art in more ways than mediated through a screen.

One idea is to discuss different works of art that have been impactful as a group and choose to engage with some of those (novels, albums, poetry, paintings, etc.).

There are many options around Vancouver and Portland to appreciate art in person. Choose at least one of these art locations to try over the next few weeks. A group could choose a night to all go together or just someone on their own.

First Friday Art Walk in Vancouver 

Galleries in Vancouver 

Free First Thursday Portland Art Museum

Murals and Public Art in Vancouver