The vicious on-camera murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests and riots have left many reeling, but the current state of civil unrest is anything but an anomaly of the present.

Racism, violence, the abuse of power, the strong preying on the weak… These are ancient evils. The story of the Bible speaks to these things at length. Every disciple of Jesus steps into a story about God—and part of what it means to know God is to know the way he feels about oppression and injustice.

Part One:

TEACHING ONE: The Cries of the Oppressed

PRACTICE ONE: Listening & Learning

Part Two:

TEACHING TWO: Racism & Justice with mark Strong

PRACTICE TWO: Praying Against Racism and Injustice

Part Three:


PRACTICE THREE: Group Identity and Reconciliation

Part Four:

TEACHING Four: Enemy

PRACTICE FOUR: Praying for Enemies