About Van City Church

When Bridgetown Church first began its tectonic shift from an inward-focused church to a collection of missional communities  outwardly focused on the city of Portland, it was compelled by a relatively simple line of thinking: The end goal of God and his Kingdom is not the Church, but rather, all of Creation set free from the entropy of the Fall and brought under the healing reign of Jesus. The church is, of course, wrapped up in that pursuit, but what would it look like to be the church for the city in which we live, rather than calling our city into our church?

Bridgetown resolved, unapologetically, to be a collection of missional communities for the urban core of Portland, Oregon, but what we realized early on in that shift was that well-represented in our midst was a strong, faithful presence of missional communities doing life in Vancouver, Washington. Soon after we began asking ourselves, “what would it look like to plant a church in Vancouver?” After several years of praying, searching, and planning, we did exactly that. We planted a church in Vancouver, Washington.

Doctrinal Primer

We believe in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and are committed to living out his teachings in the world. As a church family, we feel most closely aligned to the beliefs outlined in The Lausanne Covenant. Our blog is a place where we further explore and discuss doctrine and theology.

Lausanne Covenant